Michael Morris
Founder and Chief Executive officer -michaelmorris@mightyield.com

" Being able to create a culture of honesty and integrity and seeing people grow and being able to watch it all work…it is very fulfilling "

Michael Morris grew up on a small farm in Western Australia and has over 25 years of professional expertise in agricultural production and agribusiness management. His understanding of conventional farming and modern technology bolstered his desire to experiment with natural alternatives to promote healthy and high yielding farmlands. Mr. Morris received his Bachelor of Science in Agriculture from the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Delaware in 1988, where he majored in both Agronomy and Crop Science and was also a Teaching Fellow in the Western Australian College of Agriculture, Morawa. Mr. Morris managed many direct production farms, financed large-scale and smallholder farmers and established a smallholder farmer training academy in Geraldton. At Mighty Yield, he manages and directs the company toward its primary objectives, to become a leader in the agribusiness sphere and to make Mighty Yield a key supplier of the agricultural products on the global market.

Meet Our Team

Our leadership team is made up of people with great vision, passion, and dedication, more than half of whom have been members of the Mighty Yield from day one. It’s about men and women who genuinely love farming, science, and technology and are motivated by the opportunity to make a difference. We pride ourselves on our strategic, integrated approach to traditional agriculture and the results it delivers.

Sarah Sherwin Tucker
Controller and Director of Human Resources
Eliza McKenzie
Business Development Specialist
Claire Suzanne
Account Manager
Michael Buntine
Public Relations and Communications Manager
Hudson Venn
Strategic Client and Consultant Relations
Mikayla Lalor
Business Development Executive
Thomas Yewen
Field Officer
Lucy Liebe
Administrative Assistant

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